photo by Lovell Lee

Generational Prosperity


Our Story

Hello and thank you for checking out our website. We are Lovell and Paris Lee and we got married for 4 years ago when we were active duty Navy on board USS Nimitz and spent time in Everett and Bremerton Washington. Paris’s dream was always the film industry and she is now a Director while Lovell has been in to business and his now a marketing and distribution Producer. Lovell is also in charge of the picture and sound for their Novel Kulture YouTube channel as well as any other project they are working on. After the Navy, We moved to sunny Los Angeles, a contrast to the pacific northwest, where we were to pursue our dreams. We got into an expensive lifestyle that was comfortable but, in marketing terms, not SMART. It was not a realistic lifestyle and we had to make a change. At the time, Lovell was building his computer repair business and had a van that he was planning on converting into a mobile workstation. This conversion turned later into a home rather than an office. After our lease was up we decided to drastically change our mindsets, ideals, and ultimately, our lifestyle. We decided on San Francisco, where we are full-time student vandwellers and, although we do sometimes look back our mission inspires us to keep our eyes front and carry on. Lovell and Paris is running the Novel Kulture YouTube channel to share and communicate to PEOPLE OF COLOR because we are a significantly under represented in the Vanlife Community. We are not a exclusively POC channel and he have the pleasure of serving ALL PEOPLE who bring love, understanding, and experiences. Thank You.


Our Mission

We were not the first and neither are we the only Black Vanlifers but we are one of the only young black couples making their journey known to help and inspire others to take that change. We do no advocate Vanlife to everyone because its not SMART for everyone everywhere. What we do advocate is taking control of your situation and setting yourself up for succes with out-of-the-box thinking. Novel Kulture is a vehicle for growth and communicates UNITY, COMMITMENT, and SUCCESS. We want to unify the POC community as we are scarcely represented. We as POC share experiences within alternative living that nobody else can relate to at the same level. We always turn to commitment when the road gets tough, when we get distracted, or when we start to lose motivation. Commitment is what is missing from a lot of people and is essential to this lifestyle, especially if you are doing it with a partner. We close with success because success is after all, what you are striving for. Success is why we do what we do and for us, it is the marker that our goals have been met and is the time to create more goals.

I’m excited to be apart of a group of open-minded individuals who are about learning, growing, and making the most of this life.
— Jennifer K, Novel Kulture Family

What We want

  • We want unity among POC Vanlifers and those in alternative lifestyles.

  • We want young people to Commit to success and not fall off.

  • We want Success to be the motivator of all people.

  • We want the “American Dream” to be redefined.

  • We want travel to be instilled in families and especially children in black culture.

  • We want to extinguish the “That’s only for white people” mentality.

  • We want FAMILIES to support their children’s positive new ideas, mindsets, and lifestyles.