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Dion Lim, abc7 SF

Dion actually watched Kirsten Dirksen’s Video and immediately reached out to us as a result. It was an interesting experience to be on the news and we can definitely say that it has informed the community of our existence. Thank you Dion and abc7 for helping us spread the word and show an example of a easy entry lifestyle outside the norm.

Check out the video on abc7’s website!

Video by acb7 San Francisco October 25th, 2018

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Kirsten Dirksen

We were honored to hear that Kirsten Dirksen and nicolás boullosa at *faircompanies wanted to come to San Francisco to document our lifestyles and experiences. We had an amazing time sharing with them a we appreciate Kirstem for sharing our story on her Youtube Channel.

Check out the video on Kirsten’s Channel

October 24th, 2018 Video by Kirsten Dirksen

She Explores

A big thanks to Gale Straub, founder and host of She Explores and Laura Hughes, host of the women on the road podcast. Living on the road was not always the topic of discussion for me until it suddenly became our life. After a year and some change, I would say that we've gotten real acquainted with #vanlife. It is so refreshing to see the stories of women of color brought to light. Each story is unique in their own way and each one deserves to be heard. Thanks again to Gale for putting in the work and showcasing our stories.

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Collage by She Explores Aug 15, 2018

Love Inc. Magazine

Thanking Zoe Larkin Photography for putting forth so much effort in our shoot. We never went the traditional route and this shoot encompasses that. Zoe is very passionate about her craft and she can tell a story with no words. She even loved us so much that she entered our love story to the world and they bit.

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Mar 23, 2018                                                                                                     Photo By Zoe Larkin

Outside Magazine

We would like to thank Shawnté Salabert for sharing our story. We spend a lot of time trying to reach more people and introduce a new style of living "outside" the status quo. We know that our story is not the only of its kind but it is humbling to know that we are being seen in the world. Shout out to Crystal Vanner and Mia from the Mylifenow Youtube channels.

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Photo By Shawnté Salabert                                                                                            Dec 22, 2017